What You Need to Know

Limited Time Offer

Soil & Humic Acid Treatment


BUY 1 soil enhancement service and you will get a second treatment for Free.

1 Humic acid treatment is designed to improve your soils environment.

2 We will provide a second treatment of enhanced Gypson soil conditioner for Free.

3 Offer ends on 7/1/16 order soon and we will schedule this service and apply to your lawn.

Lawn Application Steps

Helpful information about our Process

  • Start the day arrive at 7 am park in assigned space enter building. Clock in see supervisor.

  • Get necessary route and all necessary paper work flags bags leave behinds and any other needs.

  • Make sure route is routed and you use GPS to find 1st stop.

  • Check gas and oil on truck and equipment that is loaded on truck be sure you have all materials needed.

  • For the day. Walk around truck make sure light tires and body has nothing out of place.

  • Carefully exit garage and proceed to 1st stop.

  • Arrive at house and check for special instructions.

  • Flag the lawn and insert bill in door.

  • Fill Perm -Green with fertilizer with amount according to lawn size sqft.

  • Start machine drive to the back lawn and proceed to spray/spread until finished in front yard. Control weedsand fertilizer the whole lawn. Them blow off driveway and walk ways.

  • Return machine to carrier and proceed to next house and repeat until all applications are complete.

  • Return to warehouse clean truck inside and outside fill fertilizer weed control and all paper goods.

  • For the next day fill time sheet and*(daily use report) and check with your supervisor and l check for instructions like call ahead for next day. Your free to leave for the day.

*See daily use report

  • Same procedure to apply Flea Tic/Mosquito control only you spray instead if spread.

  • Start in back yard work to the front only difference is your spraying plants and lawns.

Flea / Tick / Mosquito Control

General Information and Precautions.


We visit your property 1 or more time per month to apply organic controls that are safe and effective to combat Disease carrying insects. We only control ticks, fleas and mosquitos and make no claim to control other Insects such as flies or moths winter or gypsy moths only fleas tick and mosquitos. 

We control the insect populations to levels that can be tolerated we do not try to kill all insects. We try to achieve the results that you require however we are regulated by the state and federal law and cannot kill all insects on your property. We have had good results for the last 10 years.

We also often are asked to apply control edges of water or swampy areas. We are not allowed spray and can be fined or loss our license to apply all pesticides. The thing we hear all the time is people are saying the guy last year did a great job but this year. The tech is not applying to the whole area. 

Andy has been the only person to spray for the last 7 years and he does not intentionally miss areas. He has diagrams of properties and access to google earth to see boundaries. All agreed areas are sprayed and overall treatments control up to 90% of insect activity for the given 30-day period. If the application fails to control we will reapply the treatment as a free service call and if the activity is too high to tolerate we will reapply at no charge. 

Our goal is the same as yours we want to provide protection for your pet’s family and visitors to your Property. If for any reason you feel the need to have us to return please call. 

We are Happy to re visit your property and reapply. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns. 401 323-1701

Fall Services



This year we are trying to introduce some new services for the fall. We now offer some new products that will help improve your soil. Due to restrictions of fertilizer we are replacing lost nutrients with some very good soil enhancement products. We feel these products will make your soil more productive.

We have in the past offered seeding aeration and tree food. For the last 4 to 5 years. We have not had much interest in those services. We are not going to quote each property for those services. If you would like your lawn aerated or seeded or would like tree food, please call for a price. The request for seeding/ aeration must be ordered by September 15th or we will not be able to provide that treatment in the past too many requests came in October and we will not take orders after the 15th. If you need seeding call by labor day weekend to ensure to get on the limited schedule.

The fall soil services will be done in October and we will offer buy 1 get 1 free for the Humic acid and Gypson. Please also order that service by September 30th. See the info that explains the benefits of treating the soil. The price for the Humic acid is the same as a fertilizer application and Gypson is free.

We will still be applying lime stone and winter fertilizer in October hopefully before the leaves fall. We will be offering a new program of fertilization which is our organic hybrid program and the fall.

Service will be part of that ongoing hybrid program. Please call if you have questions 401 323-1701. All seeding and aeration will include all of our soil improvement products. We are a year to year service if you wish to discontinue the program please call to do so.